Friday, December 20, 2013

Rehabbing OC part II!

So here we go I am on full steam ahead at getting this rehab done and I just came under budget by being super smart... yes I am bragging a little!

In fact I just save 15 % on my car insurance too!!! OK that's a joke!

But saving $2300.00 on the granite is NO JOKE! Especially after I was being cheap in my initial calculations... So all you rehabbers out there pay attention to this blog... you will learn something even if you have years experience, you will learn how to do it better, and that means more profits in the end!

This is the Before Kitchen Picture 

This is the Granite we will be using!

It is really going to be an amazing after once we get it done!!! Like I said before, I will be shooting video all along the way!

So many times I hear about people going into rehab jobs and spending way too much on the job, not getting it completed, over spending (said that twice to make a point), and just having way too much time spent on something so unnecessary!


This job is a 700K FMV value (ARV for you seminar junkies) and we will be under my spreadsheet calculations of @$84,000, and we are going to be right at @$65,000! Not bad, not bad! Someone is going to get a sweet (bleep) place when we get done!

If you want to get my spreadsheet for free -->CLICK HERE<-- here and sign up for my webinars... you get access to the webinars, conference call recordings, and of course my spreadsheet... You even get a video on how to use my spreadsheet... ALL FOR FREE!!!

I use it on every deal that gets put together and it tells you right up front everything you need to know to make the deal work! If a deal doesn't work in the spreadsheet... I am here to tell you that it most likely will not work! But then again you can always make the deal work "WITH IN" the spreadsheet and that is why I designed it!

So back to the OC deal... this is going to be a really enjoyable project and I am video taping it to be able to share it with you, so stay tuned for that right after the Christmas break!

Speaking of Christmas... I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy Chanukah!!!

See you after Christmas!


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